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15 Jul

Zombie Boy returns to his cannibal roots in Girls and Corpses Magazine Freaky Sumer Issue explains Girls and Corpses Deaditor-In-Chief, Corpsy, adding, "He was a joy to work with and only bit actress Kirby Bliss Blanton (Star of The Green Inferno) three times."


The Freaky Summer issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine is here!

A tribute to the 1932 movie Freaks

with an amazing sideshow cover featuring:

Zombie Boy, Michael Berryman, Butch Patrick, 

Kirby Bliss Blanton and half-man Short E. Dangerously


PREVIEW NEW ISSUE and COVER HERE: http://www.girlsandcorpses.com/



Girls and Corpses Magazine, known for outrageous horror/comedy and insane covers, have done it again with their best cover EVER!  "I have always wanted to do a tribute to one of my favorite horror films, Freaks (1932) directed by Tod Browning (Frankenstein), explains Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief Robert 'Corpsy" Rhine, adding, "We wanted to create the feel of 'Freaks' with all the sideshow performers, so we brought in horror icon MICHAEL BERRYMAN (The Hills Have Eyes), Tattooed Wonder ZOMBIE BOY (47 Ronin), KIRBY BLISS BLANTON (The Green Inferno) and BUTCH PATRICK (Eddie Munster). Finally, to represent the Amazing Johnny Eck from 'Freaks' we got real half-man SHORT E. DANGEROUSLY to do the famous one-handed handstand on our cover.


And... if that's not enough to freak you out, this freaky issue contains exclusive interviews with: ELI ROTH (The Green Inferno), NAOMI "PEPPER" GROSSMAN (American Horror Story), BILL OBERST JR (Circus Of The Dead), The Amazing LIZARDMANSON of LOBSTER BOYCHANEL RYAN and CANDICE KITA (Circus of The Dead), BLOWFLY ('The Filthy Rapper') and Effects Wiz MARCUS KOCH.  Also included are features on the SIDESHOW BABIES of Coney IslandDEATH CABARETS of Paris, behind-the-screams of the making of the classic 1932 film FREAKS and a photo shoot with a dead clown!  Amateur Freak-of-The Month and more sick Last Laughs round out this special 'Freaks' Tribute issue.


So, get you freak on and preview this issue now: http://www.girlsandcorpses.com/ then pre-order here (ships August 1st): http://www.girlsandcorpses.com/store/index.html


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10 Apr

Canadian model Rick Genest, aka Rico the Zombie or Zombie Boy, has tattooed 80 percent of his body– including images of a human body as it decomposes into a corpse, replete with flesh-eating insects. He’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most bones tattooed on the body (134) and the most insects tattooed on the body (176). Needless to say he knows how to turn heads. He caught the eye of Lady Gaga (he was in her “Born This Way” music video – she wore makeup to replicate his tats) and Jay Z (he’s been the face of the Jay Z fashion labelRocawear in Europe). And he was the first ever male spokesperson for L’Oreal (he demonstrated the miracles of their Dermablend concealing makeup in a YouTube video which has been watched 15 million times).

With a public following to satisfy, Genest has launched his own lifestyle brand – Zombie Boy. From fashion (leather helmets, belts, boots) to home décor (black candles, curtains, bath towels), to perfume and energy drinks — fans can now dress, drink, smell and rest just like Zombie Boy. Everyone wants in on Zombie Boy paraphernalia. Celebrated doll artist Robert Tonner hand-painted Zombie Boy’s tattoos on a 17” tall porcelain doll (in time for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con). The limited edition of 500 ($159.99 each) sold out.


22 Mar

L’Oréal’s Dermablend Professional corrective foundation brand goes from the 2011’s shocking video featuring Zombie Boy to new emotional spots in its new “Camo Confessions” campaign. The effort aims to raise awareness of the skin flaw problems and help people feel less tense talking about severe dermal imperfections they’re hiding under a thick layer of concealers.

The effort developed by Montreal-based agency Tuxedo starts the face of the previous campaign, a heavily tattooed guy named Rico aka Zombie Boy, as well as actress, model and vlogger Cassandra Bankson and college volleyball coach Cheri Lindsay—the first of the ladies suffers from severe breakouts and the second girl has vitiligo. In the vignettes, they wipe off the foundation, expose their skin as it is and narrate their own story of how hard it has been for them to live on with their unconventional skin conditions.

The effort that is running to the end of the year has a social goal as well. The brand aims to encourage the viewers who have major or minor skin imperfections to share their own story in a video, photo or text format via dedicated online hubs. So far, there are 18 videos from the viewers who talk openly about their skin disorders, inspiring others to respect themselves as they are and stop feeling abnormal just because their skin looks different.

For every confession submitted as part of the campaign, Dermablend will donate $1 to Look Good Feel Better, a non-profits that supports woman suffering from appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. The organization arranges beauty sessions to help ladies improve their self- esteem and quality of life.


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