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Inked - Day of the Dead

20 Oct
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Tattooing oneself from head to toe to look like a rotting corpse is not the traditional route to stardom, but it has somehow worked out for Rick Genest, a.k.a. Zombie Boy.

“My first tattoo was an outline of a skull and cross- bones right here on my shoulder when I was 16,” Gen- est says, pulling up the sleeve of his black T-shirt. A decade later, he held two titles in the Guinness Book of World Records, one for the most insect tattoos at 176, and one for the most human bone tattoos at 139. Both numbers were quickly out of date. But why so much work—is he hiding something with his ink? “Before the tattoos I had some cuts and cigarette burns and stuff like that. I never wanted to get a full-body cigarette burn. It’s just stuff that you do when you’re a kid.”


Most of Genest’s work was done by Frank Lewis, of Derm FX in Montreal, but he’s still adding to his armor. “I’m still not done. Right now, my buddy Ricky who lives next door to me is rocking my knee out,” Genest says, pulling up his pant leg to reveal a relatively untat- tooed lower leg. “Just got a little more a couple weeks ago. He’s got a fresh style and I’m going to keep going with him and fill it all in.”

When Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s former stylist and the current designer of Thierry Mugler, was looking for the perfect way to add an edge to the campaign for Mugler’s menswear line, he set his sights on Genest. A load of fines had kept Genest from obtaining a pass- port, so Formichetti flew to Montreal and settled up the tab just to get his new muse to Paris. Genest quickly went from obscure freak show performer to having Lady Gaga dance around him in matching zombie makeup in the music video for “Born This Way.” He now travels the world for Thierry Mugler and other work, such as a cameo in Keanu Reeves’s upcoming film 47 Ronin.

But Zombie Boy has no intention of straying from his roots. Generally soft-spoken with a surpris- ing ambivalence to his new gig, Genest becomes animated only when talk turns to the topic of freak shows. “My friends and I have a troupe called Luci- fer’s Blasphemous Mad Macabre Torture Carnage Carnival, featuring sadistic freaks, sickening sights, and horrible abominations—which is badass. It’s a murder show. It’s like, ‘Welcome to a night in hell,’” he says with a smile. -Suzanne Weinstock





  • Comment Link Edgar Gomez 02 February 2012 Edgar Gomez

    Up or down, right or left, life or death.
    Dude, you know what the real is.

  • Comment Link natalia 12 November 2011 natalia

    Passo noites vendo suas fotos e me pergunto será que voce é real?

  • Comment Link Nirvana 11 November 2011 Nirvana

    Merry me Rico?

  • Comment Link Jessie 01 November 2011 Jessie

    You. are. BREATHTAKING! AND Canadian, so you know...you just rule even more eh! Greetings from some obscure little town in Canada, from another tattoo enthusiast! Hopefully I get to catch your Circus someday :D

  • Comment Link M. 30 October 2011 M.

    Hey Rico! I've seen "Beyond the cover". It's so crazy! But in the end there's just one thing left to say: You've got a wonderful smile - with and without make up! Greetings from Europe. M.

  • Comment Link JustGirl 30 October 2011 JustGirl

    you're real cool! ;Р

  • Comment Link JustGirl 30 October 2011 JustGirl

    oh,Rico you're so awesome.I'm your fan!We love you Rico

  • Comment Link JustGirl 30 October 2011 JustGirl

    oh,Rico you're so awesome.I'm your fan!We love you Rico

  • Comment Link bugstomper 30 October 2011 bugstomper


  • Comment Link bugstomper 30 October 2011 bugstomper


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