Zombie Boy

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Go Beyond The Cover

20 Oct
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  • Comment Link Jara Amira 20 January 2012 Jara Amira

    i do not want to say, that i just love the way you look.
    that's what everybody is writing. but, oh god, that's just how it is.
    so, when you'll ever be in berlin (germany) call me:

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  • Comment Link maddie westbrook 08 November 2011 maddie westbrook

    Omg i love you!!!!! my friends think you look scary but i think you look fit. i was unsore to get a tattoo when i am older but now i might get one tomorrow:)

  • Comment Link Megyik Klára 01 November 2011 Megyik Klára

    Szeretlek ! :D

    i need a boy...
    someone like u

  • Comment Link Zeshka 31 October 2011 Zeshka

    A few years ago before I had my first tattoo I asked my friend about hers. I was interested what will she do when she'll be old and she's skin will be wizened? She told me that: when we will be old there will be creams what people put on their skin and the tattoo will disappear. Now I think she's an oracle... So I need to ask her for the numbers of the lottery ;-)

  • Comment Link Chrys 29 October 2011 Chrys

    Il n y a pas de mot pour décrire cette formidable personnalité que tu dégages , je suis une grande fan !!!!

  • Comment Link laumier Siriny 27 October 2011 laumier Siriny

    hihihi je m'excuse moi et l'ordinateur on s'aime pas trop

  • Comment Link john girrard 27 October 2011 john girrard

    tu vas tout faire sauté la ^^

  • Comment Link Siriny Laumier 27 October 2011 Siriny Laumier

    Oups Sorry :)

  • Comment Link Siriny Laumier 27 October 2011 Siriny Laumier

    Magnifique! Qu'y a t'il de plus fascinant que ce qui effraye et intrigue les gens....je crois que la notion du beau restera un mystère mais on s'y laisse emporter avec plaisir et insouciance....:)

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