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30 Nov

Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest drops by The Ric & Suzanne Show!

Posted By: CJAD 800 · 11/30/2012 11:37:00 AM

Actor, artist and model Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest, best known for performing with Lady Gaga, joined Ric & Suzanne today for a chat about bullying and tolerance.

Rick is tattooed over 80% of his body, and the ink is made to have him look like a corpse. Earlier this week, the Montrealer spoke to Marymount High School students about being comfortable in their own skin.

Listen to the chat by clicking here

photo: Terry Richardson

28 Nov

Photograph by:  Dave Sidaway, The Gazette

MONTREAL — Sounding younger than his 27 years, Zombie Boy, a.k.a. Rick Genest from Châteauguay, told Marymount Academy students Tuesday that it is “not very nice” to make fun of each other for being different. “We’re all different,” said Genest, who was at the English School Board of Montreal high school to urge students to stand up to bullying.

“Being pushed around is not cool, whether it’s at school, on the street or at work,” said the heavily tattooed model who appeared last year in Lady Gaga’s video Born This Way. Zombie Boy was also on hand to film an anti-bullying commercial.

In a classroom at the N.D.G. school that had more media present than students, Genest was asked several times if he had taken up the cause of combating bullying because he himself had been bullied in school. Genest replied by saying: “I’m kind of different and I feel like I’m in a good place to tell people not to judge others because of their appearance.” He said even before his tattoos, he was always “different,” and his mother could attest to that.

Marymount students Nicolas Trotman, 17, Massimo Di Iorio, 16, and Shakeira Bernicky, also 16, said they liked having Genest speak out against bullying. “He’s really cool, he’s really original,” said Trotman, a Grade 11 student. The three students said bullying was not a problem at their school. “We’re a close-knit family,” said Bernicky. Di Iorio added: “The school has a good program in place against bullying.”

Marymount Academy’s progress against bullying makes it a bright light in an otherwise grim provincial picture. A Léger Marketing poll published last week found that close to 40 per cent of the 652 adult Quebecers surveyed feel that bullying is on the rise. The Nov. 5-8 poll was conducted for Association for Canadian Studies and the organization ENSEMBLE, whose anti-bullying program is presented yearly in 80 schools across the province. Anne Lagacé Dowson, head of the not-for-profit group, said: “What is most alarming is our discovery that bullying leaves victims feeling paralyzed. Most people who report being bullied also report that they did nothing about the incident.”

Among young people, age 18 to 24, more than one in four reported being bullied frequently, the study found. Women were three times more likely to be insulted over their physical appearance than men. Lagacé Dowson said that among schoolchildren, many say they already know that bullying is a bad thing, but what they lack are tools to deal with it.

In Ottawa on Nov. 22, meanwhile, the Harper government defeated an anti-bullying motion from NDP backbencher Dany Morin, 26, the openly gay MP for Chicoutimi-Le Fjord. A Canadian study in 2009 found that gay and lesbian students are far more frequently bullied than heterosexual students, both verbally and physically.

After last week’s vote, Morin said the government had “missed an opportunity to take a leadership role in the fight against bullying.” Morin’s motion called for the creation of a national anti-bullying strategy. The federal government is holding hearings on cyber-bullying, said Lagacé Dowson, adding that her group has accepted an invitation to take part in the hearings. Telecommunications, including the Internet, fall under federal jurisdiction.

Provinces are adopting anti-bullying legislation, with Quebec’s law to prevent and combat bullying and violence in school among the most recent. The bill, which became law in June, requires every school to draw up a plan of action to combat violence and bullying. Schools must also draft a code of conduct.

British Columbia has moved quickly to introduce an anti-bullying program in its schools after the Oct. 10 suicide of 17-year-old Amanda Todd, a Vancouver student who had endured five years of mainly Internet-based bullying.

Photograph by: Dave Sidaway, The Gazette

Source:: http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Zombie+puts+spotlight+bullying/7618054/story.html#ixzz2DXU1WllI

23 Nov

Everything Jay-Z touches turns to platinum gold. Co-founding hench streetwear label Rocawear a decade ago, netting 700 million per calendar year, he now invites Rico the Zombie to step up and style out the label’s SS13 threads.

Music influences fashion intrinsically and vice versa. Creating clothes with attitude, Rock-a-Fella Records inspired the birth of iconic label Rocawear. Keeping music fundamental to the brand’s core Rocawear continuously looks to lyrics and music-inspired lifestyles to conceive of campaigns and collection concepts. Devised by Damon Dash and Jay-Z, developed as a lifestyle brand for hip hop lovers and street style enthusiasts, Rocawear caters to both men and women. Staying ahead of the game by keeping the brand’s distinct DNA undiluted and entirely trend based, the team behind the label are the best at what they do and Jay-Z is always on play, loud at every shoot. Famous for the statement tees, bombers and snap backs, anyone who chooses to front the RW aesthetic is serious about what they do. i-D went behind the scenes on Rocawear’s SS13 shoot to chat to new face of the label, Rico the Zombie, finding out why he chose to get involved with the brand (see film). Then we took time out with the head of marketing, Iconic Europe for Rocawear, Daisy Laramy-Binks, to find out how she rocks her wears…

Tell us why you have chosen Zombie Boy to be the face of your SS13 collection. What was he like to work with? Following on from our shoot last season with Dynamo Magician, we again wanted to choose a face which carries the message that Rocawear is an innovative, evolving brand. We always try to stay at the cutting edge of streetwear cool and to me no one epitomises innovative street edginess like Rick Genest; he came to mind immediately and I knew that he would be ideal for the campaign. He combines the beauty of a high fashion model with the grittiness which we want to see in a streetwear campaign, elements which fit perfectly with our shoot and its themes of the Double R Club, a gentleman’s club setting and the more down to earth gig/outdoor shots. He looks amazing in both tailored styles and street styles – our collection combines both.

With Jay-Z being a prominent player in the Rocawear brand, what creative input does he have within the curation of each collection? Every Rocawear product is approved by Jay. He has always had a significant input and interest in the brand and nothing is produced without his creative input and approval.

What are the key features of any Rocawear collection? Signature brand detailing include music inspired graphics such as the retro cassette design/ mic graphics on the tees as well as Jay lyrics, a mixture of tailoring and relaxed styling, Brooklyn/Marcy heritage references including references to Americana influences like the Brookyln baseball history, the ’99 established date in graphic form and of course overall attention to detailing on denim, on-trend pop colours and trend-injection packs such as the camo pieces.

What album have you played more than any other on your iTunes? Recently it has definitely been The Blueprint 3 – totally iconic! There are so many great artists out there, we are also very impressed with Rita Ora’s meteoric rise to fame and hope to work with her in some way in the future.

Who has been the most incredible person you have ever had the pleasure of working with? I recently collaborated with Giles Deacon on a project and despite being a top designer and a major lynchpin of the fashion industry I can honestly say he was one of the most down to earth and inspiring people I’ve met. Absolutely charming.

Who is your hero? Terry Richardson would have to be one of them for his amazing view of the world and in modelling, Rick Genest is definitely up there in terms of an individualistic look and character.


Text: Milly McMahon

Film: Josef Valentino

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