Zombie Boy

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Zombie Boy - Rico the Zombie
16 Nov

Starring: Juno Mak x Zombie Boy . Mask Designer: Rein Vollenga . MV Director: Susie Au . Art Director: So.Mad@KudosFilms 

25 Oct

Zombie Boy Energy Drink

What happens when a brand that can’t die meets up with energy that can’t lose? You get a drink with so much energy that it energises your body, excites your mind, and revitalises your soul. This is the best way you to describe the new Zombie Boy Energy Drink.

What Energises The Zombie Boy Energy Drink?

This high energy drink is made from Glucuronolactone, Vitamins, Taurine, Caffeine and Carbohydrates. It energises all the important parts of your body.  Taurine is an amino acid, one of the vital building blocks of protein.  It also acts as an antioxidant and helps detoxify your body by enhancing its physical and mental performance and it provides other known health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Zombie Boy Energy Drink

This energy drink tastes great! Its ingredients are based on a special formula which helps provide you with a boost of energy for extended periods of time.  Its light carbonation helps improve your mental performance and increases your wakefulness when you are feeling sluggish by improving your level of concentration and reaction speeds.  And Zombie Boy Energy Drink will boost your endurance and stimulate metabolism.

Zombie Boy Energy Drink is great for students who live an active life, for professionals who are always on the go and for athletes who need increased energy for improving their training performance. The Zombie Boy Energy Drink is excellent for everybody who wants to experience improved performance, greater reaction speeds, and the power to concentrate.

Zombie Boy Energy Drink is a specially formulated energy drink that delivers energy like never before. This drink will energise your life, whenever you need!

Power Up. Live Life!

23 Oct

Promo teaser for Zombie Boy's debut single out in 2014 taken from his forthcoming album. Full video coming soon!

26 Sep

Joining forces with Rick Genest, HYPEBEAST presents the “Restless East” editorial – an image-led feature tempering with the idea of the Jiangshi identity within Asian folklore. Clad in an array of meticulous suits and formalwear, ‘Rico the Zombie’ stands overlooking the bustling streets of Hong Kong, revealing an eerie disposition that contrasts nicely with his extravagant getup. Shot and directed by the in-house team, pieces from this season’s 3.1 Phillip Lim, ETRO and Burberry Prosum collections are juxtaposed with Rick’s morbid body art, presenting a set of striking images that never fall too far from motifs of life and death.

Location : Wontonmeen  / Special Thanks: Edward Lok Edmondson, Bo Puinar Hui & Patricia Choi
Author: Arthur Bray / Photographer: To Cheuk Yin/Hypebeast / Creative: Wilf Cho/Hypebeast / Stylist: Stefano Mok/Hypebeast